Vision and mission

Over the past two decades, security risks have increased globally and the threats and risks are constantly changing. In places where large groups of people meet, the need for safety protection increases. This applies, for example, to shopping centers, events, public transport and airports.

Procheck International stands for high-quality security of locations where (large) groups of people are present. We do this by making organizations aware of their specific safety risks and then aim to permanently increase the self-reliance of the employees in the field of security. We offer advice and training, possibly in combination with technological support and manpower.

Core values

Every security issue has its own priorities and challenges that have to be solved during the improvement process. Standard solutions do not work in such a situation; customization is. It demands from the PI staff inventiveness and drive to find a tailor-made solution again and again. We work on the basis of these values:


There is no one who knows everything. It is precisely in cooperation with our clients and with each other that we achieve the best results in the field of High Risk Security. Our cooperation is characterized by mutual respect and enjoyment.


The basis for successful collaboration is trust. Trust can only come about if we work with integrity. This means, for example, daring to acknowledge mistakes and giving honest, constructive feedback on each other's work.


We want to do better in our collaborations. To this end, we keep our eyes open for points of improvement and look for the new ways that can help our clients.


When looking for solutions and improvements, we focus on the big picture and have a keen eye for detail. The end-result is central to everything we do.