Procheck International will continue its long-standing tradition by offering a high level of professionalism, dedication to our customers and the ongoing development of cost-effective security solutions designed to continue to meet the current and future challenges of our customers.

Within Procheck International, the Management Team ensures compliance with our values and ensuring the high quality we strive for every day.

Roded joined I-SEC as a special aviation security advisor in 2005. Later Roded became I-SEC International's Director of Operations and he has held the position of Managing Director at Procheck International since the last 4 years.

Roded is a retired colonel (25 years experience) of the Israeli army who decided to work for the civil security sector and in particular for the safety of civil aviation. As a colonel, Roded benefits from a broad security perspective, excellent human relational skills and is equipped with an enormous wealth of leadership and management skills. Over the years, Roded has been personally involved in the start-up process of the multiple I-SEC subsidiaries. In his various roles Roded led I-SEC International and Procheck to financial, operational and contractual goals, which aimed to maintain a lasting relationship with the Dutch police, the Dutch Ministry of Justice and customers. He also set up and implemented new operational - and training methods, because of the changes in the security climate in the world.

Since 2014, Jurren has been working as Deputy General Manager at Procheck International.

With over 20 years of experience in various positions, Jurren is an aviation security specialist who has contributed too many projects within Procheck International and the I-SEC group, such as; leading operations to new standards, development of unique (IT) tools, high standard quality control and a broad variety of trainings worldwide. Jurren has a focus on excellence and teamwork. By partnering with colleagues, clients and regulators he has proven the best results are achieved.

Marc is our manager training and compliance. He has more than 20 years of work experience within our organization and is responsible for the development of certified training programs and quality systems.

Marc started in 1993 as a profiler. His original specialties are therefore in behavioral analyzes and cognitive security interview techniques in high-risk environments. After having fulfilled a position as a trainer at PI for 7 years, Marc has regularly worked abroad as an account manager, trainer and auditor since 2005. For the international security market, he has developed specific training programs that have been approved by, among others, the American government. He also facilitates these training courses in 27 countries, to certified security personnel and security managers, and conducts security audits worldwide.

Marc has developed profile at checkpoints for I-SEC Netherlands, the 3D concept for public and private areas outside airports, and the initiator of PI's e-learning platform.

David Gabriner started as HRF (High Risk Flight) agent at Schiphol in 1998 and joined Procheck International in 2000 as a supervisor. In addition, in 2003 he successfully solicited to the sideline task of trainer. Thanks in part to his extensive managerial operational experience, didactic skills and intercultural knowledge, David was frequently asked by I-SEC International over the years to provide HRF training abroad (including training to Security Interviewers). He was also closely involved in a number of foreign start-ups of HRF operations. David has been working for Procheck International since 2015 as Product Control and Training Manager. In this function he carries out a wide variety of different activities. This includes the recruitment of HRF personnel, the provision of domestic and foreign HRF training and assistance with the development of IT solutions for the HRF operation (R & D).


Procheck International is able to offer a suitable solution for all aviation security issues. Solutions that do justice to the high expectations regarding our professionalism, flexibility and reliability. In addition to "High Risk Security", our service package consists of consultancy, training and technology. Solutions that reinforce and complement each other. Everything aimed at an optimal implementation of the security function at airports, but also that of other critical infrastructure.

He has more than 20 years of experience within our organization and is responsible for research into, and monitoring trends and threat levels, as well as all related tasks within the Product Control and Training department (PCaT).

After studying mining in Belgrade, he has been working in the aviation security industry for over 25 years. Goran started as a profiler and was appointed as a supervisor and instructor at national level in 1998. He has also been active on the international level since 2005. Goran plays an important role within the PCaT department, for both the national and international market. He has extensive experience in laws and regulations in the field of (aviation) security and the development of training programs resulting from this. Goran has worked as a consultant and trainer in more than 25 countries.

Goran recently developed the 'Cognitive Behavioral Assesment' (CBA) program and the 'Behavior Detection Officer' (BDO) training program, both of which are internationally certified (TSA). He also has extensive experience as Security Advisor Air Freight.