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We provide insight into specific safety risks for organizations, analyze them and then provide a tailor-made solution. This can consist of, for example, advice for improving observation skills of employees or advice on how to reduce the safety risks of a location.

PI has in-house experts who specialize in comprehensive risk analysis in a wide range of environments. They identify all possible risks that are relevant to your specific operation and can make a thorough analysis of possible safety risks and their consequences. On this basis, PI designs and develops an effective process tailored to your organization, with which these risks can be overcome.


Our advice covers various aspects of High Risk Security. One possibility is to test the skills of employees in the field of observation. An outcome of the test may be an improvement program for observation skills. Another option is to analyze and advise on the existing safety protocols for emergency scenarios and the safety risks of a building or location.

Security analysis and audits

PI offers regular security analyzes and audits to test the effectiveness of your security system against current threats and if it is in compliance with current regulations. To optimize efficiency, after identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your security system, we can advise you on where improvements or changes to your system can best be implemented.

After PI’s security experts have helped to develop a customized security system, they advise on how to implement it in your operational environment. In order to ensure that all requirements are met and your operation runs as efficiently as possible, our experts help your staff to carry out their tasks wherever necessary.

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