Two decades of experience in securing civil aviation

High Risk Security concerns the discreet protection of locations where large groups of people are present. The core of our approach consists of three parts: observing people, recognizing deviant behavior and then responding adequately and discretely to them.

Our High Risk Security approach is based on the 3-D concept: Detect, Determine, Deploy.


Security starts with 'detect', which stands for environmental awareness of employees. The employee sees and recognizes deviant behavioral forms and unusual situations.


The first priority at discovering a person's deviant behaviour is getting a better picture of the person involved and his intentions. A conversation with the person in question provides more clarity. It is important here that the person interviewed does not experience the conversation as threatening or biased.


If the intentions of the person are clear, a classification of the suspect follows. If there is a suspicious-classification, there will be action. The nature of the action depends on the house rules and the protocol of the organization concerned.