PI develops and supplies technology in response to security related issues

Technology is meant to support the work of people. PI has several security-oriented technologies. These technologies have been developed by the experts of subsidiary I-SEC Advanced Systems. An example of this is I-Check; a technology that electronically checks, among other things, travel documents and entrance tickets for data and authenticity and thus supports security personnel.

PI provides state-of-the-art technological solutions that ensure that your personnel can perform their work in a very professional, efficient and effective manner.

Thanks to the close cooperation with our 'In-house' partner I-SEC Advanced Systems, we are able to adapt our technologies at any time and in any desired manner, in order to develop a fully customized product.

Some examples are;

rom logo

Realtime Operational Management

Where roster planning stops, PI’s operational planning application; ROM, begins. It transforms rigid and difficult day to day planning into flexible and structured planning. Through utilization of the OPS system, we can create a roster a week, a month or even a year in advance, which ideally should be as accurate as possible. However, in a turbulent environment like an airport, the daily dispatch efficiency of your workforce is paramount to your operation and intelligent software developed by PI.

sara logo

Security Airport Real-Time Application

SARA is a Mobile manpower management tool which bridges the gap between HR and the operation. Besides giving you the possibility to localize your personnel SARA also offers a messaging and documentation service. Efficient paperless managing made possible by intelligent business rules or via a color coded system.

icheck logo

Takes Digital Aviation Security To A New Level

This mobile application scans passport and boarding passes fast and efficiently to process thousands passengers a day. The I-CHECK Eco-System easily encompasses an entire airport and makes sure you possess the right information. The I-Check system is being used in high risk flight operations and is a trusted partner for your security operation.

naps logo

New Advanced Profiling System

Modernized and improved PNR processing. NAPS can connect with any predefined format to read necessary PNR data. By making use of ‘smart rules’ NAPS can even filter a passenger before they arrive on the airport. This ensures that the passenger receives extra attention if needed.