The human factor will always be the most important in terms of safety

We train employees of our clients in the discreetly securing of locations. Getting and keeping the knowledge and skills at the right level requires constant attention. We provide (continuous) training and training-programs all over the world for clients in various sectors.

Procheck International's approach to training goes beyond simply transferring knowledge from the instructor to the participants. We use training as a tool to shape the role of employees, alongside their attitude, motivation and dedication to work.


Increasing ‘safety awareness’ and improving employee skills requires constant attention. The safety risks also change constantly. That is why we provide continuous training and training-programs for organizations. The people we train vary from security officers at an airport, desk staff of a museum to the hosting staff of an international event. Our training courses keep knowledge and skills of your employees up-to-date.


We can support training with an E-Learning platform, which we manage for you. The platform is fully customizable to your wishes and preferences. Your employees can request information on this platform and perform exercises that suit your specific situation. With the push of a button, results such as performance and training duration are easy to analyze. E-Learning ensures that you can provide your employees with tailor-made training in a professional and visually attractive manner.

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