DOC-Check is an upgraded, new generation of I-SEC's proprietary Automated Travel Documents verification tool that helps combat illegal immigration and serves as a fine-prevention tool for airlines.

DOC-Check was developed by I-SEC experts to verify that passengers' travel documents comply with the requirements of countries of destination and transit prior to embarkation, as well as to detect forged passports and visas. The solution is part of the service we currently provide clients and has already saved airline clients millions of dollars in potential civil penalties and is constantly updated with information regarding travel document requirements from official sources in various countries.


The solution is fully automated. Since immigration rules are often monotonous and complicated, a fully automated document verification solution is extremely valuable to the flow of the operation because it can verify immigration rules for 100% of all passports. Security agents or airline staff can now rely completely on the solution and do not need spend time referring to other sources.


DOC-Check comprises a completely new and user-friendly interface. Agents can easily navigate through the documents verification steps in order to process passengers quickly and efficiently.


DOC-Check's full-page scanner allows airlines to keep records of the documents they wish to have available.